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PET VET will bring all solutions, concepts, technologies and products focused on the veterinary segment. The new pavilion will follow the same standards as other large international events.

Additionally, PET VET has created a model hospital fully equipped with cutting-edge equipment. The goal is to make all professionals aware of the ideal work environment and equipment required for providing quality service.

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Exhibitors and Visitors

“This is the biggest show we take part in. We have new business and new partners every year. What's most interesting is that this year we are receiving buyers from other countries, like Angola and Bolivia. It's a highly qualified public that is interested in the cost/benefit of products, which is our differential. "

Pedro Fogaça, Magnus

Marketing Coordinator

“We have participated in every edition of the show, so I think that this is where companies position themselves and are in direct contact with all of their customers in Brazil, from north to south. Showing all of our products and launches at Pet South America certainly has great results."

Leonardo Daras


“We've taken part in NürnbergMesse shows for a long time, but we had taken so time off. However, we noticed that this year there was a new, very interesting business proposal. Hospitality Class is very exclusive. We were quite happy with this new format and the guests were happy with the initiative."

Cristiano de Sá, Vetnil

Director of Marketing

“We've taken part in the show for around 12 years and have always really believed in it. Unlike other shows, this one is open to the general public, but it's also a trade show. We welcome visits from established merchants, storeowners that are just starting out, veterinarians and wholesale distributors, so there are opportunities for various publics."

Amarildo Carrasco Alves, Plaspet


“Pet South America is the big moment when the external public is able to find brands and learn about companies like Woof, our products and our launches. It is also important event for generating business. We serve merchants, veterinarians and students that come for the Congress. We close a lot of deals during the event, with new and established customers."

Priscila Bosinaro, Woof

Sales Representative

“We've taken part in the show for many years and Pet Society has always had excellent results. The show is very busy, with lots of customers, especially because we changed our portfolio and it has been amazing for the brand. For sure the relationships made here help to leverage business."

Marli Fagliari, Pet Society

Vice President

“A gigantic show featuring a championship with over 500 competitors and 500 animals. Next year I think we'll have over 700 competitors. It's a mix of love for animals and professionalism, and we are able to achieve great results because I have an amazing staff. I'm very happy and I think that the show's organizers are also very happy to have us here."

William Galharde, Master Groom


“The show is very much geared towards bathing and grooming. We found good accessories to help us at work, such as tweezers and veterinary products."

Débora Boschi


“I'm currently setting up a pet shop and the show is a great place to see what's available in the market. We're looking for everything, from furniture to products and services that we should sell. I got tons of contacts to start my business on the first day of the show."

Daniela Pirino Mazzar


“We manufacture dog and cat food in the USA and are looking at the Brazilian pet care market and thinking about possibly entering. We came to the show to find out about the scenario, with a focus on types and varieties of food sold in Brazil."

David Nehdar, Champion Petfoods

Vice President of Customer Engagement

“Since 2013, we have been putting together this meeting with trade associations and this year there are 34 representatives in addition to the board members. We are using the opportunity to take stock of our actions for the year and talk about an initiative to celebrate Veterinarian's Day, always strengthening the profession."

Mário Eduardo Pulga, Regional Board of Veterinary Medicine


“We are happy with the visibility and contact with our public, which includes merchants and distributors. The main goal of being at the show is to leverage business, since the public coming to our stand is looking for the latest and a good price on quality products."

Marina Fernandes, Gran Plus

Marketing Manager

“We chose this event and are lucky that NürnbergMesse has become our partner. Our partnership began in February 2017. The idea is to segment. I attended Congress programming and the partnership is wonderful. I was happy to see the model on which the show was set up this year."

João Abel Buck, ABHV

Executive and President

“We've been at the show for many years and it's always good. The Congress is a great ally, because it brings in participants to learn about the latest on display at the stands. We really like the show and want to be here in 2018. Our products are entirely geared towards veterinarians and we've had lots of visits. "

Arlinda Gaspar, IDEXX

Commercial Manager