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Reasons to Exhibit

PET VET is the best veterinary medicine event in Latin America. The traditional PET South America now has a pavilion dedicated exclusively to clinics, hospitals and veterinary diagnostic centers. PET VET offers all solutions, concepts, technologies and products for the veterinary segment. This is an opportunity to learn, stay abreast of new technologies and network with the main animal health and nutrition representatives and companies.

7.400 visitors from 15 countries
81% participate in the purchasing process of their company

Event Sectors:

The Brazilian PET Sector

How Brazilians behave with respect to their pets:
• Spending - R$ 300.00 per month on dogs and R$ 120.00 on cats, on average;
• Treatment - They treat their pets like family members. 43% sleep with them in bed;
• Investments - They invest in animal health. 70% of veterinarians understand that pet owners are very attentive to advances in veterinary medicine and the health of their pets.

So why invest in PET VET?
The trade fair market drives R$ 16.3 billion in business per year in São Paulo alone (according to research by SP Turis), making it an extremely important activity for the development and growth of the Brazilian economy. NürnbergMesse Brasil, one of the largest international companies organizing events and exhibitions in Brazil, has prepared an infographic to illustrate the reasons for participating:

Bring your brand to PET VET and be part of this success!